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Accredited Athletics Australia Coaching Courses presented by Athletics WLevel 1 Community Athletics Coaching Courses

– IAAF Upskilling Courses

– Level 2 Community Athletics Coaching Courses

– Level 2 Recreational Running Courses

– Level 2 Advanced Coaching Courses Part A

– Level 2 Advanced Coaching Courses Part B – Sprints/Hurdles, Throws, Jumps & Walks

These will all be run at the WA Athletics Stadium and some may be 2 days and others 1 day courses.

However we are able to run any of these courses at your centre or chosen destination if you have a minimum number of 10 participants attending and have suitable facilities available .

These courses are presented by our qualified lecturers & coaches including Lyn Foreman and Maria Taylor.

Below is some information regarding the coaching courses:

Level 1 Community Athletics Coach (Most popular Coaching Course)

This is the entry level for all Accredited Athletic Coaches. The fundamental skills of running, jumping & throwing are introduced as well as exploring how to engage athletes in long term participation and how to coach skills to beginner athletes.

This qualification is certified by the Australian Sports Commission and allows participants to be nationally accredited as a community coach which is transferable to other sports engaging in the community coach program. The course includes one day of face to face training as well as the online Community Coach General Principles course.

After completing the Level 1 Community Athletics Coach course, 30 hours of coaching needs to be undertaken prior to entering Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach.


PRE WORK: Complete the ASC Community Coaching General Principles Online course and bring certificate to course


Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach

The Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach Course is the next progression from Level 1 Community Athletics Coach course and further develops coaches understanding of how to coach fundamental skills and drills. This level supports coaches to understand the basic technical models for the Track & Field events held at club and school level competitions.

In addition, coaches are introduced to training principles and components of fitness and are introduced to the concepts of preparing and evaluating training sessions.

Prior to undertaking Level 2 Advanced course, coaches are required to coach for 12 months with at least 50 hours of coaching.

PRE REQUISITES: Currently Registered Level 1 Community Athletics Coach

PRE WORK: Complete Play By The Rules modules of Child Protection and Discrimination and Harassment online and bring certificates to the course.

COST: $340

Level 2 Advanced Coach – Event Group Specific

Level 2 Advanced Coach gives coaches the opportunity to begin to specialise in an event group of Sprints, Relays & Hurdles, Middle and Long Distance, Jumps, Throws or Walks. The course is comprised of two days face to face training as well as pre and post course assessments.

The two face to face days comprise of Part A & Part B. Part A is for all Event Groups and covers the topics of The Essence of Coaching, Development & Maturation, General Conditioning, Skill Acquisition, Inclusive Coaching, Planning Training and Evaluating Progress. Part B is Event Group Specific covering the coaching and technical analysis of a coaches chosen event.

Having the course in two parts allows coaches to easily specialise in multiple event groups. Each coach completes Part A once, and then undertakes the Part B component of any of the event groups they would like to specialise in. Both Part A and Part B need to be undertaken to be accredited as a Level 2 advanced coach.

PRE REQUISITES: Currently Registered Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach and held this qualification for 12 months

PRE WORK: There is pre and post course work for this level of accreditation that you will be given on registering for the course

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Jake Trewin | Development Manager| Athletics WA

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