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Coaching, Training & Education is a multi-level task that needs some explaining.

Coaching is getting an athlete to a new level of performance usually in a specialised context.  For example, I coach the high jump at HDS.  Taking motivated athletes and adding expertise to there technique to improve performance.

Training is less specific; we offer training at a general level at each of our clubs.  Little athletics offers 10 different disciplines that, at the club level, are quite difficult to offer much more than general, safety directed skill development.

Education is offered to Parents to up-skill them to provide MORE coaching to assist with our training sessions.  It comprises:

  1.  WA Little Athletics Association provided ‘Coaching Courses’

  2. Hamersley LAC expected ‘Key Official’ minimal requirements – Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme (AAOES – Level 1)

  3. Little Athletics Skills Clinics

The Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme (AAOES) is a joint initiative of Athletics Australia and Jetstar Little Athletics Australia, providing a seamless and transparent education pathway for Australian Athletics Officials.

The scheme is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission and follows best industry practice, with online learning coupled with face-to-face delivery. The aim of the Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme is to ensure an effective and efficient education framework is provided to guarantee Australian Athletics Officials remain world leaders in event delivery at all levels of athletic competition.

The following information outlines the process for Officials to engage with Officials’ education in Australia.

What is the Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme?

The Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme emphasises the power of knowledge and competency. Our aim is for it to be widely accessible and it will encourage a greater number of people to be provided with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge to officiate athletics competitions.

The athletics specific levels of this scheme delivered within Australia are:

  • Club/Centre/School Official AAOES Level 1
  • State Level Official AAOES Level 2
  • National Level Official AAOES Level 3

The Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme is complemented by two additional invitation-only courses delivered at at Oceania Athletics Association or International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) level. These courses are designed to allow Australian Athletics Officials with the opportunity to advance their education past that of existing national officiating levels.

The Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme currently consists of the following:

Officiating Levels

Level 0 – Introduction

Level 1 – Information

Level 2 – Information

Level 3 – Information

Level 4 & 5 – Information

E-Learning Quick Links

Australian Sports Commission – Introduction to Officiating (Level 0)

Australian Athletics Officials E-Learning (Level 1 & 2)

More Information

New and existing Australian Athletics Officials are encouraged to read the detailed explanation of the Officials’ Education Pathway by following the links below.

Overview of the new Education Scheme

Overview of the new Education Scheme – For Existing Officials

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