Health and Safety Policies

Healthy Club

The health of athletes, parents and officials is of primary concern to the Hamersley LAC.


Hamersley LAC recognizes that smoking and passive smoking are hazardous to health. We will ensure a smoke free environment by ensuring all indoor areas of the club remain smoke free. We will also openly discourage adults from smoking in front of or near children.


Hamersley LAC will promote the responsible use of alcohol by adults by discouraging excessive or rapid consumption.

Other Drugs

The use of illicit drugs and performance enhancing drugs will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

Sun Protection

The health of athletes, parents and officials is of primary concern to Hamersley LAC. Hamersley will actively seek to promote, encourage and support sun protection and awareness at local and inter-centre competitions. Where possible Hamersley will:

  • Provide portable shade structures at each site on competition days.
  • Provide portable shade structures for the Centre during inter-centre competitions.
  • Make 30+ sunscreen available for everybody at the Northern and Southern marshalling sites during Saturday morning competitions.
  • Provide site officials with long sleeve collared Key Officials’ shirts, and encourage site officials to be sun smart role models.
  • Promote sun safety through the Trackchat newsletter and over the public address system on competition days.
  • Encourage athletes, officials and parents to wear adequate hats when competing, officiating or spectating during Saturday morning competitions.

Healthy Food Choices

Hamersley LAC recognizes the importance of good nutrition for sports performance by:

  • Providing adequate information on good nutrition and sports performance.
  • Ensuring when food is provided, healthy alternatives are available.


Hamersley will encourage all members to adopt practices that seek to prevent injury by:

  • Promoting the use of protective equipment, suitable clothing and footwear.
  • Providing safe surfaces, first aid equipment and accredited First Aiders on all competition days.
  • Ensuring adequate public liability and player insurance of all members.

NOTE: Adults and coaches are expected to set appropriate examples and act as role models for athletes.

The centre will make information available to members and their families to promote healthy lifestyles.

Breaches of the policy will be addressed through the Centre Council.

Anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of this HEALTHY CLUB POLICY is invited to contact any member of the Centre Committee.

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