Our Centre AIMS

The primary aim of Little Athletics is to provide a recreational activity for boys and girls, turning six (6) and under seventeen (17) years of age.

One of the most frequent criticisms of youth sports programs is that although they are organised by adults with children in mind, the end result can often be more for adults.

Hamersley is proud of its reputation of child involvement and enthusiasm as we have consistently worked towards several important objectives:

  • To provide the opportunity for children to participate in athletics regardless of their ability level, and at a level that is commensurate with each child’s development of skills, thus providing each child opportunity to strive for success.
  • To provide qualified adult leadership.
  • For the child to compete as a child, and not as an adult.
  • For each athlete to be treated with dignity, and be provided with the opportunity to have fun through athletics.

From these objectives, we strive to ensure that all parents who become involved in Little Athletics are primarily responsible for ensuring that our activities remain recreational.

The home of Little Athletics in the Northern Suburbs