Roster commitment

Roster Commitments for the 2018-19 Season

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 The Hamersley Little Athletics competition runs over 14 competition Saturdays, with a break after 16th December 2017 and recommencing on 13th January 2018. Please be aware that you could easily spend at least 4 hours on each of these 14 competition days at Charles Riley Reserve while your child competes.

Parents are also expected to help out at many of the activities as a volunteer; raking the sand pit, returning a javelin, measuring a jump, and this will depend on the age group and the number of parents available.  This is how this sport works – your parental support.

It is a requirement of registering your athlete that every parent commits to a reasonable number of hours per season of Hamersley rosters on a Saturday morning. The rosters are 10-20 hours per family, depending on the nature of the roster chosen. Some rosters are a little more demanding, but not beyond most people’s ability, and a few even require some skill development, however, even these are inherently rewarding and training is offered.   All rostered-on parents will need to sign in at the Roster Checker Tent at least 10 minutes prior to their allocated roster start time.

Saturdays ONLY run when rosters are attended to. It is the parents’ responsibility to take note of dates for their rostered duty – NO reminder emails will be sent.

It is imperative that a reasonable attempt is made to swap your roster if unable to attend. Contact details will be available for those in similar roles.


If a roster is missed and there has been no prior effort to change/swap this roster, there will be automatic suspension of your child/children for the following Saturday competition.  If this is disputed, an explanation must be given to your Club Roster Contact person by the following Monday.  Only in extenuating circumstances will suspensions be re-considered by the Hamersley LAC President.  Please note that the effect on your child because of your decision as a family not to attend on a particular Saturday (and therefore not cover your roster) is not all that different from the impact that our penalty would have on your child (i.e. not participating on a subsequent Saturday); hopefully, you will be able to make some attempt to cover your roster and we can all enjoy the season.

If a second roster is missed, and again, there has been no prior effort to change/swap, there will be automatic suspension of your child/children for the rest of the season.

CLUB Commitments:  There may also be a requirement of a number of hours per season for your Club roster on a Saturday morning (i.e. Barbecue & canteen duties) or maybe even coaching at the club level if you have the skills.

It is a requirement that all Key Officials & Starters will need to have the Level 1 Accreditation completed by the second week of competition i.e. 14th October 2016.  This is an open book, multiple choice, on-line course.  Details can be found on the Hamersley LAC website – – under Coaching, Training & Education.  Level 0 is an Introduction. This is not compulsory, but is preferable that it is completed.   Rules for Competition is a great source of information & this can also be found on the Hamersley website under Competition & Programs – Rules of Competition.

There will be two pre-training sessions prior to the start of competition on Sunday 1st of October at 3pm and Tuesday 3rd of October at 5.30pm, 2017 to be held at Charles Riley Reserve, North Beach for approximately 45mins.  These sessions are for all Starters & Key Officials on sites i.e. High Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Turbo Javelin, Javelin, Long Jump & Triple Jump.  It is preferable that one of these two sessions is attended.

If you cannot commit to these rosters, then this sport is not for you.  Please consider this before registering your child in Little Athletics.

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