Volunteer Role descriptions

Current Volunteer Position
Vacant President
Vacant Vice-President
Sharryn Chapman

(no child registered)

Administration Officer/Secretary
Kristine Evans Treasurer
Vacant Arena Manager
Chris Stansbury Equipment Officer
Martin Smith Records Officer
Annette Williams Selections/Championships Officer
To be Decided Selections Sub-Committee
Taylor Watson Education Officer
Kristy Axworthy Registrar
Bruce Wilkins

(no child registered)

Website/Publicity Officer
Linda Orton Club Liaison & Compliance Officer
Vacant Organiser of Officials, Competition
Nicola Dark Organiser of Officials,, Events
Chris Stansbury Winter Officer


Presidents Duties:

  • Chair monthly meetings of the Executive Committee.
  • Chair Special General Meetings and Annual General Meetings (AGM’s).
  • Prepare an Annual Report for presentation at the AGM.
  • Be responsible for all Committee Members and ensure that they keep him/her informed of matters under their control.
  • President to liaise with Club Liaison & Compliance Officer to Monitor Affiliated Clubs and ensure that Club Meetings are held at least six (6) times a year, and that Club accounts are audited.
  • Jointly with Secretary and Treasurer operate the bank account.
  • Liaise and advise where necessary with Club Presidents.
  • Liaise with City of Stirling and NBA Seniors.
  • Liaise with WALAA for Special Events.
  • Liaise with Social Co-ordinator on PMH Day activities.
  • Ensure the wellbeing of the Centre.
  • Centre spokesperson.
  • Ensure preparations are made for Centre Registration and Centre Competition days.
  • Enforce Codes of Behaviour.
  • Co-ordinate Yellow Book for publishing.
  • Provide information to the Website/Publicity Officer for upload to the website.
  • Represent the Centre at Association meetings as required.
  • Ensure all equipment of the Centre is adequately insured.
  • Keep Life Members informed.
  • Organise Honour Boards for updating and Plaques for State & International Athletes.
  • Prepare Certificates for Service Awards
  • Prepare Record Certificates.




Administration Officer/Secretary


Arena Manager


Equipment Officer

Records Officer

Selections/Championships Officer

Selections Sub-Committee

Education Officer


Website/Publicity Officer

Club Liaison & Compliance Officer

Organiser of Officials, Competition

Duties of the Officials Organiser for Competition:

  • Co-ordinate rosters for Saturday competition.
  • Provide a monthly report for the Hamersley Committee meetings.
  • Provide a written report for inclusion in the Annual Report of the Centre.

Organiser of Officials,  Events

Duties of the Officials Organiser for Events:

  • Co-ordinate rosters for WALA events – State relays, Multi Event, Zones and State Championships.
  • Provide a monthly report for the Hamersley Committee meetings.
  • Provide a written report for inclusion in the Annual Report of the Centre.

Winter Officer

Duties of the Canteen Co-ordinator include:

  • Operate and manage the Centre’s Canteen facilities including purchasing, storage and sale of supplies.
  • Responsible for the accounting of all provisions purchased, sold and held by the canteen.
  • Ensure adequate staffing of the canteen. No registered athletes or persons under 15 are to be canteen staff.
  • Ensure auditable documentation is maintained.
  • Maintain a float and ensure monies are transferred to the Treasurer/bank account as soon as practical following each competition.
  • Purchase toiletries, cleaning products & large bin liners.
  • Keep a supply of ice packs for injury management.
  • Provide icy poles or similar for athletes for Santa’s visit, wind up trophy presentation, prizes for grand relay on medal day.
  • Ensure the Hamersley BBQ box is fully stocked.
  • Provide stock for cross country BBQ/Canteen hosted by Hamersley and organise a float. Assist where needed with organising and running of the BBQ/Canteen.
  • Provide stock for Winter cross country wind up.
  • Hamersley Development Squad BBQ, provide cool drinks, icy poles/ice creams.
  • Provide a monthly report for the Hamersley Committee meetings.
  • Provide a written report for inclusion in the Annual Report of the Centre.

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